Impolite Society: Tackling the Taboo, One Rude Question at a Time

Do Pickup Lines Ever Work?

January 24, 2022 Flyover Radio, Inc. Episode 31
Impolite Society: Tackling the Taboo, One Rude Question at a Time
Do Pickup Lines Ever Work?
Show Notes

We’re all looking for a little love and human connection, right? So why is it so dang hard for us to talk to someone we’re interested in? Studies show 3 out of 4 of us are terrible flirts and are really bad at identifying when someone likes us.

So what’s a lonely heart to do? 

This episode, we’re talking about the art of the pick up. We dig into human behavior to uncover the subtle signs used to show interest, and more importantly when you should trust them. We see what research says about which lines work on what personality types. We explore the multi-million dollar industry claiming to teach men to get the women of their dreams and ask if any of this is ethical at all?

All to get to the bottom of a rude question from our friends at the How I Didn’t Meet Your Mother podcast.

That’s what you’re in for today, on Impolite Society.

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